New doctoral candidates at the Anthropolis Chair

Over the last year, four doctoral students joined the team of the Anthropolis Chair. End of 2019, Yue SU, started her PhD with the topic of the pickup and delivery problem with electric vehicles at the Laboratoire Génie Industriel (LGI) of CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX in Paris-Saclay. Yue SU obtained a double-master degree in both Ecole Centrale de Lille and Southwest Jiaotong Université.

In December 2019, Tarek Choaki commenced his research on Stochastic Optimisation and Reinforcement Learning for the design of an on-demand mobility service by simulation at IRT SystemX and the LGI. Tarek obtained a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Sorbonne Université in 2019. His major fields of interest are Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems.

On 1 October, the chair has welcomed a new PhD candidate, Tjark Gall. He will be involved in the theme “Future of mobility and urban life” with the objective of “Building future mobility for and with the inhabitants of a territory: a human-centred scenario-based design approach.” His research work is supervised by Prof. Bernard Yannou (CentraleSupélec), and co-supervised by Flore Vallet (IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec) and Sylvie Douzou (EDF R&D).

In November 2020, Laura Mariana Reyes Madrigal joined the team, working on the topic of “Mobility as a Service: concepts, governance and business models.” Her PhD is supervised by Isabelle Nicolaï, professor at LGI, Virginie Boutueil, researcher at LVMT, and Jakob Puchinger, senior researcher at IRT SystemX and professor at LGI.

To learn more about the PhD students, check out the team site or contact us.