Anthropolis Chair

The « Anthropolis » chair is constructing a vision of future mobility integrating the major challenges of urban life such as reducing carbon emissions and improving quality of life in cities. Anthropolis develops fundamental methods to design mobility systems and services with a human-centred approach. We explore the following three complementary topics: future mobility and urban life, mobility as a service, and future infrastructures.

Cities are growing in terms of the number of inhabitants and geographical size, posing major challenges regarding livability, ecology and accessibility. Hereby urban mobility plays a major part in having a huge impact on many aspects of everyday life. Current and future technological developments in the areas of mobility technologies and digitalisation present many opportunities for disruptive change of the current mobility system and with it the whole city. These technological advances meet some political will to change the face of tomorrow’s cities towards more citizen-friendly and ecological systems.

The user-centred approach of this Chair addresses some of today’s challenges related to urban mobility by applying user-centred design to various parts of the mobility system and developing and experimenting with innovative solutions based on scenarios and expectations of future technological and societal developments.


Anthropolis Colloquium 2023 – Final Report

Designing People-Centred Urban Mobility Solutions for Tomorrow: From Vision to Action The Anthropolis Chair presented in its closing colloquium a series of integrated approaches, ranging from scenario-based decision and design support to active mobility in MaaS and agent-based simulations, complemented by two keynotes that elaborated on tomorrow’s urban mobility challenges. The different sessions showcased various […]

Booklet of Chair Deliverables 2020-2023

This document outlines the main contributions of the Anthropolis Chair research plan broken into 15 deliverables. Each deliverable is introduced by a summary, a short list of highlights, and a representative graphical outcome, allowing the reader to capture the essence of each research piece. Figure 1 illustrates the Chair themes and their interconnections, focusing on […]

Report of joint Seminar Series 2022-2023

In November 2020, we started the joint seminar series of the Anthropolis Chair and the Future Cities Lab. The research seminar aims to exchange knowledge and ideas on the ongoing projects within the Chair and its affiliated and partner organisations and communicate the research progress to external stakeholders. The bi-weekly one-hour sessions consist of short […]

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