The Anthropolis Chair is jointly operated by IRT SystemX and LGI (Laboratoire Génie Industriel) at CentraleSupélec.

Steering Committee

Flore Vallet, IRT SystemX
Jakob Puchinger, IRT SystemX
Bernard Yannou, CentraleSupélec
Stéphanie Morland, Communauté d’agglomération Paris-Saclay
Sylvie Douzou, EDF
Laurent De Vroey, Engie
Eric Lacombe, Nokia
Gaston Grosjean, Renault

Assessment and orientation committee

Patrice Aknin, IRT SystemX
Olivier Gicquel, CentraleSupélec
Eric Sieberath, CPS
Gérald Kwiatowski, EDF
Benoit Codrons, Engie
Eric Lacombe, Nokia
Christian Rousseau, Renault