Seminar Series: Programme for 2022-2023

After two successful seminar series conducted since 2020, we are happy to announce the third edition of the joint seminar series of the Anthropolis Chair, operated by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, and the Future Cities Lab (Centrale Pékin, Beihang University Beijing and Laboratoire Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec, Unviersité Paris-Saclay). The series of research seminars aims to exchange knowledge and ideas on the ongoing projects within the Chair and Lab and its affiliates and collaborators, as well as communicate the research progress to external stakeholders.

The one-hour sessions consist of short input presentations on chosen topics and interactive discussions in which everyone is invited to participate actively. The first seminar of this year will take place on 9 November, where Flore Vallet and Michele Tirico will present a general introduction of the Anthropolis Chair and Future Cities Lab, as well as main projects and contributions.

We welcome you online via Zoom or at IRT SystemX Moulon. For the latter, please let us know beforehand.

Below are the dates of the seminars. The presenters and the titles will be announced regularly. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date about future seminars of the Anthropolis Chair and receive the event invitations: Subscribe by clicking here.


09.11.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Anthropolis Chair & Future Cities Lab | Projects and Contributions (watch recording)
Flore Vallet | Anthropolis Chair Holder, Paris
Michele Tirico | Post-doc, Future Cities Lab, Paris
Jakob Puchinger | Professor, EM-Normadie – CentraleSupélec, Paris

23.11.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
The German 9 EUR-Ticket – More than a Midsummer NIght’s Dream? (watch recording)
Allister Loder | Post-doc, Technical University of Munich

7.12.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
The Effects of Charging Facilities Location for Electric Vehicles on Travel Mode Choice and Environmental Benefit (watch recording)
Wang Fulin | PhD Candidate, Beihang University, Beijing

11.01.2023 | 10-11 AM CET
Uncertainty in urban system design: A scenario-based method applied to mobility in Paris and Cairo
Tjark Gall | PhD Candidate, Paris

Experts across disciplines are involved in designing solutions to address urban mobility challenges and co-create more people-centred urban areas. Yet, integrating future developments in the design processes remains a central challenge. For example, the number and type of people, their needs (e.g., working from home), and practices (e.g., taking a bike) significantly impact the requirements of future urban mobility systems. While it is impossible to predict what will happen, methods exist to integrate uncertainty via future trends and uncertainties. Yet, their application remains resource-intensive and limited to a few domains. We thus pose the research question, ‘How can we support design processes of people-centred and place-based urban mobility solutions in contexts of uncertainty’. In response, we develop a scenario-based decision and design support tool that permits the integration of future uncertainties and test its application across qualitative and quantitative design processes in Paris and Cairo. The current state thereof will be presented, as well as an outline of the upcoming works.

Download the presentation:
Watch the recording:


08.02.2023 | 10-11 AM CET
Network Structure and Airline Scheduling with Finite Aircraft Capacity 
Zhou Yuwei | PhD Candidate, Beihang University, Beijing

08.03.2023 | 10-11 AM CET
Research results of mobility as a service and sustainable workplace mobility planning (watch recording)
Dr. Domokos Esztergár-Kiss | Senior lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

10.05.2023 | 10-11 AM CEST
Revenue-sharing or Membership for Charging Ride-sourcing Drivers: Model and Evidence (watch recording)
Wang Hao |PhD Candidate, Beihang University, Beijing

24.05.2023 | 10-11 AM CEST
Solving the bi-objective electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem (watch recording)
Yue Su |PhD Candidate, Paris

07.06.2023 | 10-11 AM CEST
Levers in MaaS actors’ ecosystems for enhanced integration of pedestrian mobility in MaaS (watch recording)
Mariana Reyes | PhD Candidate, Paris

21.06.2023 | 10-11 AM CEST
Collaborative Optimization for Large B2C E-commerce Logistics
Zhang Yuankai | Assistant Professor, Beihang University, Beijing

The Anthropolis Chair, operated by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, brings together the partners EDF, Engie, Groupe Renault, Communauté d’Agglomération Paris-Saclay, and Nokia Bell-Labs to work towards human-centred mobility. The Future Cities Lab is a joint initiative of Centrale Pékin, Beihang University Beijing, and Laboratoire Génie Industriel (LGI), CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay.