This was the Closing event of the Anthropolis Chair

We have been organising a closing event on 9/4/2019 presenting the research results of the last 4 years.

The slides we used are available here.

A leaflet (in French) presenting our research results can be downloaded here.

And our publications are available here.

The afternoon started with coffee and posters.

Flore Vallet, Jakob Puchinger and two of our PhD students presented some of our research results.

After an interesting podium discussion with Gaston Grosjean (Renault), Pascal Poisson (Alstom), Patrice Aknin (IRT SystemX), Jakob Puchinger (Chaire Anthropolis) and Flore Vallet (Chaire Anthropolis), Jakob Puchinger concluded with some research perspectives for next four years, the second edition of the Anthropolis chair.