Gerpisa and Anthropolis Chair co-organised MaaS roundtable on “Sustainable solutions for the post-COVID futures of mobility”

Watch the full recording of the roundtable here.

On Tuesday, June 15th, 2021; PhD Student Mariana Reyes represented the Anthropolis Chair vision on sustainable Mobility as a Service solutions in the context of the post-pandemic era, at the 29th GERPISA International Colloquium. This plenary session was moderated by Paris-Saclay University professor and researcher Isabelle NicolaÏ. The guest speakers were Guy Fournier, professor at Paris-Saclay University and Pforzheim University in charge of the H2020 Avenue project; Julia Janke, part of the LVMT-ENPC/RATP Chair “Regulation of the city of tomorrow” and Marc Alochet, Associate researcher at the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG), at the Ecole Polytechnique.

The different professional profiles of the panellists nurtured the discussion about the effects of new value creation dynamics and the transformation of the value chain for users, car manufacturers, industrials, transport operators, public transport authorities and academics. From the Chair’s point of view, the inherent ecosystemic structure of MaaS represents a main asset in the value creation processes of MaaS. Other exchanges with the audience also created an interesting debate concerning the means for reaching all users and provide customized access to mobility to everyone, not only the technology-savvy population. The automotive industry’s evolving role in the urban mobility panorama of the commoditization era became one of the main topics of the second round of the debate.

Regarding the necessary conditions to implement MaaS in the context of mobility futures, the speakers agreed upon the fact that the most adopted MaaS solutions will be those that succeed at adapting to social and territorial specificities and that offer an added value to all stakeholders in the MaaS ecosystem.