Seminar Series: Programme for 2021

In November 2020, we started the joint seminar series of the Anthropolis Chair and the Future Cities Lab. In the first session, Chair Holder Jakob Puchinger introduced the bi-weekly format and gave a short presentation of current projects and initiatives of the Chair. The second seminar on 7 December 2020 focused on the relationship between urbanisation and mobility (recording). Led by urbanist and PhD candidate Tjark Gall, the session explored how urbanisation and urban mobility influence and shape each other. The discussion centred around some key concepts, events and trends of the past, the present, and the future. The following discussion explored some individual futures. With over 50 participants each, the seminars were a great start and we want to thank the participants and look forward to the seminars and discussions next year! The programme for the first half of 2021 is shown below:


18.01.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
How does intercity commuting affect urban spatial structure & housing price in a two-city system?
Mr Tao REN | PhD Candidate, Beijing

01.02.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
The Place of MaaS Ecosystems in Mobility Futures: Overviews and Challenges
Ms Mariana REYES | PhD Candidate, Paris

01.03.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
Stranded to be? Diesel ban in cities and used car markets
Dr Quentin HOARAU | Post-doc, CentraleSupélec

15.03.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
Mode choice and public transport operation strategy with heterogeneous users
Ms Weihong LI | PhD Candidate, Beijing

12.04.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Multi-agent based modelling & pickup and delivery optimisation
Mr Tarek CHOUAKI / Ms Yue SU | PhD Candidates, Paris

03.05.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Coupled taxi and ridesourcing markets with charging information service fee
Ms Siyang WANG | PhD Candidate, Beijing

10.05.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Future Urban Cities: Resilience of the integrated electric autonomous mobility systems and power grids
Dr Adam ABDIN | Post-doc, Paris

24.05.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Influence of high speed railway station location on intercity commuting
Mr Xingqi YANG | PhD Candidate

07.06.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Open data travel demand synthesis
Mr Tao REN | PhD Candidate, Beijing

21.06.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Designing an urban mobility serious game to teach radical innovation
Dr Flore VALLET | Senior Research Anthropolis Chair


The Anthropolis Chair, operated by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, brings together the partners EDF, Engie, Groupe Renault, Communauté d’Agglomération Paris-Saclay, and Nokia Bell-Labs to work towards human-centred mobility. The Future Cities Lab is a joint initiative of Centrale Pékin, Beihang University Beijing, and Laboratoire Génie Industriel (LGI), CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay.

We are looking forward to welcoming you online on Zoom or if the circumstances allow at IRT Moulon on the Saclay Plateau. To stay up to date about future seminars and receive the details to connect, please join the Anthropolis mailing list here.