Seminar Series: Programme for 2022

After the successful first edition conducted last year, we are happy to announce the second edition of the joint seminar series of the Anthropolis Chair, operated by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, and the Future Cities Lab (Centrale Pékin, Beihang University Beijing and Laboratoire Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec, Unviersité Paris-Saclay). The series of research seminars aims at exchanging knowledge and ideas on the ongoing projects within the Chair and Lab and its affiliates and collaborators, as well as at communicating the research progress to external stakeholders.

Like last year, the bi-weekly one-hour sessions will consist of short input presentations on chosen topics and interactive discussions in which everyone is invited to actively participate. The first seminar of this year will take place on September 29th. Tarek CHOUAKI will present his work on « Implementing and Using Reinforcement Learning for Empty Shared Vehicle Rebalancing in Multi-Agent Transport Simulation MATSim ».

We are happy to welcome you online via Zoom or at IRT SystemX Moulon. For the latter, please let us know beforehand to ensure that we can follow current sanitary guidelines.

Below the dates of the seminars, the presenters and the titles will be announced soon.

29.09.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Implementing and Using Reinforcement Learning for Empty Shared Vehicle Rebalancing in Multi-Agent Transport Simulation MATSim
(download presentation)
Mr Tarek CHOUAKI | PhD Candidate, Paris

13.10.2021 | 10-11 AM CEST
Does the labor competition really matter to urban agglomeration development?
download presentation)
Han WANG | PhD Candidate, Beijing

10.11.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
MASS-GT and multiagent freight modeling
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)
Michiel DE BOK | Researcher, Delft

24.11.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
Shared autonomous electric vehicles transport scheduling with charging considerations: optimization-based planning approaches
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)

Etienne Liu and Hadrien Herubel

08.12.2021 | 10-11 AM CET
Reliability of the public service market against cascading imbalance
Jinxiao DUAN | PhD Candidate, Beijing

12.01.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Branch-and-Bound for multiobjective integer linear programming
Sophie PARRAGH | Linz University

26.01.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Integration of active modes in MaaS
(download presentation)
Mariana REYES| PhD Candidate, Paris

09.02.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Morphogenesis of urban systems: Modelling the co-evolution of human transport and urban forms
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)
Michele Tirico| Researcher, Paris

09.03.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Mobility pricing in Switzerland: The MOBIS Study
Christopher Tchervenkov| Researcher, Zurich

23.03.2022 | 10-11 AM CET
Revisiting the value of public transport. An empirical study drawing on big data and open-source modelling software
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)

Mr José Rafael Verduzco Torres | PhD Candidate

06.04.2022 | 10-11 AM CEST
Network performance measure and importance identification: A case study of private car in Zhengzhou city
(watch the recorded presentation)

Chenlan WANG, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Beihang University

20.04.2022 | 10-11 AM CEST
Integrating today’s and tomorrow’s users in mobility system design: Potentials of matching personas and synthetic populations
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)

Flore Vallet | Senior Researcher, Anthropolis Chair, IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec
Tjark Gall | PhD Candidate, Anthropolis Chair, IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec

29.06.2022 | 10-11 AM CEST
A Column-generation-based Approach for the Electric Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Problem
(download presentation)(watch the recorded presentation)

Yue Su | PhD Candidate, Paris

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The Anthropolis Chair, operated by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, brings together the partners EDF, Engie, Groupe Renault, Communauté d’Agglomération Paris-Saclay, and Nokia Bell-Labs to work towards human-centred mobility. The Future Cities Lab is a joint initiative of Centrale Pékin, Beihang University Beijing, and Laboratoire Génie Industriel (LGI), CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay.